Travel Photos–The Camera …. part III

Cameras with Inter-Changeable Lenses

Evening with a Blue Heron taken with an Interchangeable Lens Camera

These types of cameras are usually considered advanced cameras but that is not always the case. Many improvements to automatic settings make them easy to use with great results. The biggest barrier of these cameras is their price and their size. Even if you want to own a camera that can use multiple lenses, their large size makes them more challenging to bring with and have a available all of the time when you want to take a picture. Even if you decide you’re willing to travel with this extra camera gear because you want to get the best photos you can, inevitably you’ll decide you don’t need to carry this camera as you’re just stepping out to get something and that’s when the photo op presents itself. And where’s your camera?

The Setting Sun taken with an Interchangeable Lens Camera

Undoubtedly these cameras capture the best photos and can give you the best final pictures when compared to phone cameras and point and shoot cameras. They are able to expose for the situation better than the others giving you fewer darker or too light pictures giving a more complete photo. In addition, the lenses are better quality and can offer more versatility for a given situation due to the interchangeable lenses. you can get a wider view or more zooming ability depending on the lens you choose and still get great pictures. In addition these cameras can shoot in a mode called RAW which gives you four times the amount of information in each picture. That becomes more important when processing these photos in an editing program.

A Lone Tree on the Prairie taken with An Interchangeable Lens Camera

Pictures from interchangeable lens cameras are great for just about what ever you want to use them for including enlargements and other photo gifts you may want to get. Again, wireless technology is making photo sharing easier with these cameras. For most travelers these cameras are probably overkill and too costly once you start considering all of the additional gear you may want to get for them such as lenses, tripods, carrying cases, extra batteries, etc.

A Night with the Fireflies and Stars taken with an Interchangeable Lens Camera

I use all of these types of cameras depending on where I am and the situation and have appreciated each one in different instances. I’ve used only phone camera photos for books and smaller prints with great success all the way up to the interchangeable lens cameras for larger gifts. Just remember – the type of camera does not automatically give you better pictures. Your composition is more important in great travel photos than the camera. The type of camera just determines how you can use that photo and keep the desired results.

An Afternoon by the River taken with an Interchangeable Lens Camera

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