• TOURING WASHINGTON DC -The Monuments: The United States Capital Visitor’s Center is quite impressive once you find it under the Capital Plaza. Your tour begins with a short film about the Capital and then a tour of the Rotunda area.

  • DRIVING IN NEW YORK: Driving in New York, specifically Manhattan, is an experience all of its own. There are people everywhere. In the street – crossing the street. When doing research about getting around Manhattan when visiting you come up with the same advice over and over again – use public transportation. But where else will you get to experience this unique type of adventure?

  • EXPLORING LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY: At first thought, Louisville Kentucky is not in a lot of peoples list of places to go. That is except for one day a year – The Kentucky Derby! We took a weeklong trip recently and once we started looking at what there is to do, we found plenty to keep us busy.

  • ENJOYING THE FALL ECLIPSES: For Several Areas in the Northern Hemisphere there have been some great astronomical events to watch in the form of eclipses. Late in September we had a lunar eclipse which was also called a blood moon due to the red colorations at the peak of the eclipse. A month later there was a partial solar eclipse.

A Monopoly Adventure can last for weeks, months, or even years. The experiences stay with you forever!

Monopoly: Exclusive possession or control + Traveler: One who travels or has traveled.   

Monopoly Traveler = One who exclusively controls their travels!    The Monopoly Traveler idea….

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Mesa Verde Flattop Mountain Trail Mount Rushmore National Mall Petroglyph Canyon de Chelly Glacier Bay Edison Grand Canyon Hawaii Volcanoes Lewis Falls Trail Valley Forge Gettysburg Little Bighorn Dinosaur Badlands Agate Fossil Beds Window Trail Isle Royale Acadia Hot Springs Padre Islands Everglades Great Smokey Mountains Olympic Yosemite Dinner at Ahwahnee Yellowstone Chilkoot Trail

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