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Early Spring in the Woods

The First Flowers of the Spring

We had a few absolutely beautiful spring days with temperatures in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s and I couldn’t stay inside and take care of the many things needing attention. I had to escape to the outdoors and go exploring. The first flowers of the spring were just beginning to open up providing a comfort in knowing that winter has lost its grip once again and it is time for our landscapes to come alive. In searching for these early signs of life I learned that the flowers that bloom before the trees leaf out are called ephemeral flowers. Time well spent avoiding the to-do lists as these types of days are limited each year and must be taken advantage of if at all possible. The photo above is of bloodroot growing under the protection of a massive oak tree. Below is moss which has the old spores from last season along with new spores for the current season. The last photo is of a rue anemone. All of these flowers opened up while I was exploring the woods they were found in making it fun to witness.

Moss Actively Growing


More Ephemeral Flowers

Wildflowers of Yosemite

Spotted Coralroot Orchid

One of the wild orchids found in Yosemite – a spotted coralroot.

Applegate's Paintbrush

In this cluster of Applegate’s Paintbrush the flowers ranged from orange to yellow. One of the yellow flower heads can be seen in the background near the top.

Western Wallflower

Some Western Wallflowers near a fallen sequoia that has survived a forest fire.

Wild Iris

A close up of an Iris.

Yosemite '12 208

Another Iris with a wild strawberry flowering in the left side of this photograph.

Blue Flowering Shrub

I’ve been unable to identify this flowering shrub at this point so any help would be appreciated.

Locust Tree in Flower

This appears to be some sort of Locust Tree in bloom.

Moss Covering Trees

Maybe not a flowering plant but I loved the bright green moss covering the bark of these trees.

Closeup of the Moss

The moss close up.

Snowflowers on the Hillside

This hillside was devoid of any other vegetation but these snowflowers insisted on flowering.

Close up of a Snowflower

One of the snowflowers close-up. They were near the end of their blooming period.


White cinquefoils in full bloom.

Wild Lupine

Wild Lupines were blooming in many areas of Yosemite during June. Many of them were 3 – 4 feet tall along the roadside while others were maybe a foot in height like this one.

Mountain Dogwood

The Mountain Dogwoods were near the end of their flowering stage but there were still a few showing off for us.

Phlox Creeping Out From a Boulder

It’s amazing where plants can live. Even under this boulder phlox can survive.