The Ice Dragon of the North Shore–part two

Two Months Later


“Any ideas on where to go for spring break?” My dad inquired.

“Let’s go to the North Shore” I replied, exchanging a significant look with him. He knew what that meant.

“Actually, I think that would be a good idea”. He gave me a look that said ‘I’ll prove that old book is fantasy’. I had already told him I don’t believe that book either but it would just be cool to see the setting of the it. Why would I believe that book anyway?



“You know I don’t believe that book!”

“I know that”.


Another Two Weeks Pass

*** Hiking through the snow covered north

The North Shore was cold and covered in snow. We went to our favorite spots. Hiking along the trail when something moved just out of our line of sight. Suddenly a snow bank seemed to hit us off the trail. The snow blinded me as I was covered from head to toe with the cold, white powder. Shivering I sat up and most of the snow fell off allowing me to see once again. Dad was already standing and looking around like he was hallucinating. I was about to find out why

“What is it, Dad?”

“I just thought a snow bank came up and knocked us off the path” He slowly murmured in disbelief.

“Me too” Agreeing with his uncertain answer.

We looked around for any evidence to explain what just happened.

“We’re too far away from the path, I’m not exactly sure where we are”. He said with a puzzled look.

“I think I may know where we are!” I exclaimed.


The northern most shore of Lake Superior

“The Northernmost Shore of lake Superior”. He looked to where my finger was pointing and through the trees we could see the snow glittering on a large, frozen lake which appeared to be more like an ocean than a lake.

Dad whistled and said: “How did we end up here, we were miles from here!”

“The only thing that would make sense is if we were knocked out and kidnapped. Why would they just leave us here though? Thankfully we woke up before we froze”.

“I don’t know, but let’s start going back because it’s going to be a long hike and it will be dark before too long”. I groaned and stood up once again.

“Dad, what if they come after us again?” I asked, afraid that there would be nothing we could do.

“We’ll stay away from paths and try to stay where we have cover or stay where they can’t sneak up on us again”.

“If we have cover, so do they. If we stay where they will be in the open, we’ll be in the open too”. Dad shrugged and we started our journey of what felt like a million steps.

Trying to stay hidden on our journey back