Snow Storm Timelapse

During a recent snowstorm in Minnesota I set up a camera and took a timelapse of it and fortunately caught some interesting photos. Put together you have this video of just over 4 minutes. After you watch it through one time there are some interesting things to watch out for. In the first couple of seconds you can see Saturn trailing across the sky. The video is added to show in real time what the snow fall was like. As your watching the snow accumulate, pay attention to the street sign. In the beginning it is easily visable but eventually gets blocked by snow. Also, around 3:20 you can see the snow settling and melting in the bottom, center of the screen. This is surprising as the actual air temperature was only a few degrees above zero fahrenheit. It is due to the reflection off of the building and shows just how powerful the sun can be this time of year even in Minnesota. For those that want to know some of the technical aspects of this video:

-there are over 20,000 images used

-each second of video represents 6 minutes of time as this is compiled at 60 frames a second with photos being taken every 6 seconds.