Getting the Board Signed

Bridalveil Fall

I sent out a tweet while in Yosemite as follows: “Just got the #yosemite national park location signed on the monopoly board by Dave Crockett.” There have been some inquiries about it so I though I would explain it in further detail.

After exploring Yosemite for a couple of days it was time to fulfill the ritual of getting our Monopoly National Parks edition board signed by a park ranger. It was off to the nearest visitor center which happened to be the Wawona Information Station in search of a ranger. After hurrying to get there before they closed we found out they had closed an hour earlier so we were out of luck because the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center would be closed before we got there as well.

Becoming Junior Rangers

The day before we were in Yosemite Valley at the visitor center learning about Yosemite and taking in a ranger program for our junior rangers. We could have had the board signed then but time was once again running short as we had dinner reservations at the Ahwahnee restaurant to get to so it was tabled until the next day. Unfortunately our adventure in Mariposa Grove took longer than expected eliminating our opportunity to make it back to the valley.

Mariposa Grove

We were leaving the next day with a long drive to L.A. to catch our flight home so there really was no time to go back into the park meaning we needed to get the board signed before leaving on this night. What were the options? There are park rangers roaming the park the big question was where and how to find them? One of the park rangers from the valley the day before had mentioned we could have a ranger and the entrance sign. Recalling this we decided this was the best option.

Arriving at the entrance we stopped and waited for cars to go through before approaching one of the booths housing two rangers. I asked if one of them would sign it. They both looked at each other and finally one of them said “me?” I responded “if you’re willing!” and gave him the pen. While he was signing I noticed is badge which said Dave Crockett. Upon returning to the vehicle and explaining that we just had Davy Crockett sign our board they laughed and thought it was a great ending to the trip in Yosemite.

Getting the Board Signed

For those that would like a little further explanation here you go. First off, Davy Crockett was considered the “King of the Wild Frontier” so an avid outdoorsman and adventurer very similar to how many of the park rangers are viewed. Secondly, we had opportunities to have the board signed by other rangers but those opportunities fell through almost as if it was fate that Dave Crockett was meant to sign the board. We found it a little ironic!

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