The Winter Blues

More Snow ?!

Well, for some of us it seems winter just does not want to leave. Usually by now we can start to see life beginning to return outside. As I write this the snow is falling once again. What can be done to avoid the winter depression that so many are experiencing right now? For me it’s enjoy the orchids that are putting on a wonderful display.

Maxilleria Orchid

Personally, I’m sick of wearing winter clothes – especially jackets. Shorts and T-shirts are my preference. At least while at home the orchids are showing their spring blooms. Early in the winter they didn’t look very good but thankfully pulled out of it and starting growing again. I continue to learn about different orchids and their care requirements in my house and they are rewarding the efforts now.

White Knight

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the lady slipper orchids and phragmipedium orchids to bloom. There are some that have never bloomed as they were purchased as seedlings so I don’t know what they look like. Guess I’ll have to concentrate harder on these.

Purple Phalaenopsis

For now, enjoy some pictures of these beautiful orchids.