The Ice Dragon of the North Shore–the conclusion

Five Hours Later


We climbed across the snow covered rocks, slipping on ice, and occasionally tripping over fallen branches making this trip through the forest seem to take forever. All at once huge blast knocked us 10 feet away from our trail without warning. Looking back we could see a column of smoke from the blast.

“Dad!” I hissed as I saw what it was. He jerked his head in my direction with a look as if to say ‘what NOW?’!

“No. Sudden. Moves. Or we will be dead faster than we can blink”. I never took my eyes off of it… It was called the Crystal Snow Specter according to the Dreka although a more accurate name would be… the Ice Dragon!

Before I knew it Dad grabbed a camera to photograph it making sound which awoken the beast. As Dad snapped another picture the beast rose it’s head and… Dad was gone in an instant! The trail of the Ice Dragon as it walks through the snow

“Dad!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe it. The dragon from the Dreka had just eaten my dad. All of a sudden I heard the shutter from the camera click. And again I was in disbelief, Dad was taking pictures inside the dragon’s mouth. The dragon raised it’s head spewing him back out unscathed. A moment later the Ice Dragon came my direction only to nose me as gently as a new puppy. I giggle at how soft it was. In that moment I knew that this creature was kind and caring. In the Dreka book it had said whoever owned the book was the rider and life-long friend of this dragon. I believe it 100% and nothing could change that!

Eating the stone covered shoreline

A great scraping sound drove me from my thoughts as the dragon was eating the rocky shore! Could this day get any weirder? The dragon saw us staring at it with fascination. It’s tail came sweeping up under us to gently set my dad and me on it’s back. It was armored in ice harder than diamond but somehow covered with the softest and warmest snow you have ever felt. Granted the air around us was still freezing cold and I couldn’t help but to shiver. The dragon noticed as I wrapped my arms around myself for warmth and twisted his head around to look at me. His breath was like a warm furnace and I found I was no longer cold. I looked at Dad and saw from his expression that the same thing happened to him. The Ice Dragon climbing up a stone pillar preparing to leave

Hoping to be lifted into the air soaring among the clouds we were instead offered a way off as the specter lifted a leg motioning us to climb down back to the safety of the snowy ground we came from. Than the dragon stretched its wings and took off toward the sun that should have been setting but was instead rising into a new dawn.

The sun rising over this vast lake