Dinner at the Ahwahnee

Dinner at Ahwahnee

In place of the luxury tax on the traditional Monopoly Board, the National Parks edition has Dinner at the Ahwahnee which is located in Yosemite Valley inside the Ahwahnee Hotel. This is an upscale restaurant requiring a casual dress attire or more in order to enter and be seated. There were those wishing to dine that did not have the proper dress attire of collard shirts and long pants or a dress, skirt or slacks and blouses for the ladies who were given two choices: either borrow the proper attire from the hotel or dine elsewhere.

The Entrance to The Ahwahnee Hotel with Thurman the Truck Just Off to the Side.

We had made reservations a week earlier as our schedule was tight and we wanted to be sure and fulfill this location on our board as there are no intentions of returning to Yosemite National Park before this board game is complete. As our time neared, as usual we were running a little late so I quickly made my why to the host stand to check in and let them know we were running late but were there for our reservations. The host looked at me with my t-shirt, shorts and hat just about to remind of the dress policy when I cut him off explaining that we would be late because we needed to change before being seated. Turning back towards the rest of my family we proceeded to a changing area. Many of you would call it a restroom but for us it was our changing room for the evening.

The Ahwahnee Hotel and Restuarant During the Day

Returning to the host stand waiting to be seated the host once again asked if we had reservations to which I replied yes, gave him the name and mentioned I was the one who moments before stopped by. Surprised he said he didn’t recognize me and quickly found us a table. I guess that could be considered a good thing. Once seated we were given drinks and bread along with being introduced to our waiter George. George has been at that restaurant for 42 years and is the most senior member of their staff. It seemed fitting that we should be served by the most senior member in our efforts to complete this board.

Inside This Historic Dining Room

Once inside the atmosphere was beautiful. Built with numerous windows to take in the sights of Yosemite while dining and decorated with stone and wood added to the overall experience of this park. It has been obviously updated since originally built to include electric lighting but still gives the feel of dining by candlelight for an authentic experience. A piano was softly being played to add to the ambiance of this historic dining room. During the evening we recognized many of the songs being played as the kids have practiced most of the music during their efforts to learn how to play piano.

Having looked over the menu on-line we knew ahead of time the selections available for dinner along with the hefty prices for those plates. In past experience when a meal is fairly pricey the portions are generous as well. In this case I was somewhat disappointed in the amount of food we received for the cost. Anticipated generous portion sizes we had determined ahead of time that we would share meals allowing us enough room for dessert in the end without any leftovers. Turns out we could have each had our own entrée and still had room for desert.

My Rotisserie Chicken

I indulged in the rotisserie chicken which comes in a seafood sauce. I’m not a fan of most seafood so I was living on the edge to begin with. The chicken was excellent and the sauce was to match except for the scallops and that is strictly due to the texture of scallops which I do not care for. In addition I ordered a spinach salad which was small but delicious. To end our meal we ordered a red velvet cake. This was definitely the best part of the meal! Sorry, no photos of the desert as the batteries died on the camera. We ate it to fast and didn’t think of capturing this with the camera first.

Enjoying Dinner at the Ahwahnee

Finishing desert it was time to locate the Monopoly Board to get another property signed. I made my way back to the vehicle we were using to locate our board along with the pen to be used and hurried back. Night was fleeting and we wanted to get to the top of the mountain for the sunset and take in a clear star filled sky later. Discussing our intention of our travels with people at the host desk they suggested George be the one to sign it (it wasn’t until this moment that we were informed of his tenure at the Ahwahnee). They quickly fetched him and the board was signed. Completing our experience we explored more of the hotel and headed out to witness the end of another day.

The Ahwahnee at Night

3 thoughts on “Dinner at the Ahwahnee”

  1. What a great way to travel and explore the country. I commend you on providing these experiences for your family and happy that The Ahwahnee was a part of it. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time and George took good care of you. I must say that in looking at the photo of the chicken, I too am a little disappointed at the size of the offering; it doesn’t look much bigger than the fork! I will be sharing it with the culinary team in our kitchen as I feel that we are better than that. The Red Velvet cake is one of my favorites as well. That and a big glass of milk!

    Again, I am glad that we at The Ahwahnee were able to be a part of your families memories. Should you ever be back in “our neck of the woods,” please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to show you around and share some great stories of our past.

    Warm regards and safe travels,


    1. Brett
      Please recall that we did split this dish so the photo is only half of the portion.

      If the opportunity arises we would love to take you up on your offer to show us around and hear of your past.


  2. Our oldest dahtuger, Kathy, and I shared a memorable adventure in 1988, my first trip to China. Ed (who had to stay home and work) and I had just begun to recover from putting our four children through college (two from medical school as well), so travel to such an exotic place with an equally curious and eager companion was beyond wonderful.We also had the privilege of backpacking in Wyoming’s Bridger Wilderness with Kathy and her husband and later camping in Colorado on several occasions with them and their two dahtugers. Roughing it teaches you a lot about yourself and those around you. Since the backpacking trips were what restored my soul each summer, sharing this special time with them strengthened what were already strong bonds. Kathy was the most avid fisherman of all of our kids, and it was such fun watching her impart her knowledge and enjoyment to her own children.We feel that our love and concern for our amazing world is part of our legacyto our progeny.

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