A Student Ambassador–The Memorabilia

Documents From The 1989 Eastern Europe Program

The time for the next student ambassador to embark on her journey draws nearer and preparations continue for her adventure to Europe. She’s had a few informational meetings which include things like discussing their planned itinerary, meeting the other delegates going on their trip, and appropriate dress and behavior while traveling in Europe. During some of these preparations I’ve come across a few of the souvenirs from my student ambassador experience.

Coins From Each Country I Visited

The top photo includes several of the documents from my Eastern Europe adventure such as the itinerary, passport, list of other student ambassadors, and the code of conduct of a student ambassador. It’s been fun to look over some of these documents recalling that journey and the people I shared it with.

This middle photo is of the currencies I collected from most of the countries visited. Some of these currencies no longer exist. A number of these countries have changed over to the Euro such as Germany and Austria. Czechoslovakia and USSR no longer exist so neither do those currencies. Isn’t it interesting to see all of the changes that have occurred in this region in the last 25 years. What will the next 25 years bring as borders are being questioned in the Ukraine today?

Beverages While in Europe

A sample of the beverages drank while in different parts of Eastern Europe. They certainly bring back memories of my visit to different areas of Eastern Europe and the people I share those memories with. There are other souvenir’s such as shirts, flags, and gifts from homestays which complete this collection and serve as a reminder of an adventure that has impacted my life for the last 25 years. These items bring excitement for what my daughter will experience and the influence it will have on her life.