The Problem with the GoPro Hero 4


The GoPro Here 4 Black comes with so many great options such as burst mode which can take up to 30 pictures in a second which was used in the above photo to capture the firing of this gun along with timelapse, video up to 4K, and even the ability to make a timelapse video without any other software. These are all great features of a camera that takes nice photos and video in places such as under water or in the snow. Most of which I’ve used at one point or another to get some nice pictures previously unavailable to me. With all these options what is the biggest problem with the GoPro Hero 4 for me? The requirement for more storage space. It doesn’t take long to use 30 – 60 gigabytes of storage room and that can fill a hard drive in a very short time if you’re like me and tend to keep as much as you can without deleting files you may never really use just because you may want to use it someday.