The Best Parts of Exploring the Twin Cities Monopoly Board

What did we enjoy the most?

MT Twin Cities 012

I always enjoy exploring and experiencing new things so that is my favorite part of being a monopoly traveler. The Minnesota Zoo is a fun place to explore for the whole family. It was nice to see the new Minnesota Twins Stadium along with the new University of Minnesota Gopher Football Stadium. One of the highlights for the Children was the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where there are sculptures on a grand scale so that the kids can climb on them and play around. We were fortunate to be able to take in a Vikings football game and see the legendary quarterback Brett Favre. Like him or not he still was and is an exciting quarterback to watch.

The New Gopher Football Stadium

One of the more memorable events of this trip was getting the picture of National Car Rental. The location we choose was at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in one of the parking ramps. Not that there was a big choice as the only other location in the Twin Cities is at another terminal of the airport although it may have been easier to access. While entering the airport grounds we followed the signs to the car rental businesses and found National Car Rental. Now keep in mind that at an airport car rental businesses are designed for travelers coming off of airplanes and not arriving by car so there really is no place to park if you are not in a rental car. Well, at least none that we found. Since this is the case we drove by the first time trying to figure out where we wanted to take the picture and drove out of that level of the parking ramp. We were able to drive around the ramp and back to the National Car location but this time we had to decide where to park to get out and take a picture.

National Car Rental at the MSP Airport

Finally we found a spot between a yellow line and a barrier and quickly got out of the car heading towards a National Car Rental sign. I’m quite sure this was not a designated parking spot but we only needed a few minutes so hoped this would work and we would be back in our car before we got a ticket, or worse – had the car towed. On the way to the sign a helpful employee asked if we needed help. We responded a quick no and kept briskly walking towards the sign that was half way across the parking ramp from us. The pictures were quickly taken while other customers and staff gave us wondrous looks and we were off back to the car. Fortunately the customers that were waiting appeared to be weary travelers so didn’t really give us a second thought. Ahh success! We took care of the picture taking and the car was still were we left it without a ticket. Now that in itself was memorable but it gets even better.

The Employee Encounter….

6 thoughts on “The Best Parts of Exploring the Twin Cities Monopoly Board”

  1. Sounds interesting and fun. Are there other places in the Twin Cities to go that were not on the board?

    1. There are plenty of other places to visit while in the Twin CIties. I think they should have put a few of the area parks and trails on the board as well since there are a lot of great recreation areas to relax in. Also there’s a number of museums and other sports to see.

  2. Going to an airport to visit a car rental agency doesn’t make a lot of sense.Yet, this was the best part of the Twin Cities board?

    1. Now that you put it like that, it does seem kind of weird. Because of the difficulty and challenges in getting to this board property it became one of the most memorable stops we made.

    1. There are places in many cities that most people would not think about visiting. Using a board eliminates some of your biases to experience places you may not go giving surprising adventures.

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