Orchids A Year Later

Yellow Orchid with Purple Hyacinth in the background

Late winter a year ago I wrote a post about becoming a little stir crazy after being cooped up inside during a particular cold and snowy season longing for a little greenery. Orchids were the key to keeping my sanity at that time and a year later I get to enjoy the fruits of growing these orchids for the past year. Of course many would say that my orchid craze has caused insanity instead of cured it. A year later here are a couple of photos of those orchids.

Another Yellow Orchid with the Hyacinth in the Background

What a contrast to last year. This time around the grass is green and the hyacinth are in full bloom.

Just Starting to Open

Amazing how many different colors and textures of orchid flowers there are.

Tropical Ladyslipper Orchid

The ladyslipper orchids are probably my favorite. Especially when some of the petals curl as they do here.

Yellow Tint with Purple Spots



There are so many colors in this one that it requires an inspection close up.

Purple Orchid Loaded with Flowers

Now this orchid thing may be starting to get out of hand. They’re all over the house.

Winter Hardy Orchid Emerging

Even my perennial ladyslipper orchids are beginning to grow. I’m certainly looking forward to watching these grow and bloom this spring.

More Ladyslipper Orchids

Another tropical ladyslipper orchid.

Full PlantAmazing Colors and Patterns in This Bloom Up Close

This orchid has such a great WOW! factor both as a whole plant and close up with each individual bloom.

If these don’t cure the winter time blues than I can only think of one other thing that can. A trip to a tropical destination where they grow wild.

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  1. Not that I really know what I’m doing. But I have 2 white ‘moth orchidss’1 is in bloom with 1 flower hanging on since Christmas. The other sent up a new shoot, got 3 buds, never opened just kind of dried up then sent up another group nothing has bloomed yet on that shoot. It’s a waiting game!I keep my orchids in a southern window so they can suck up any light we get right now (you know that’s not very much) in the summer you know we get A LOT so I adjust the shade to a filtered light. I give them a good soak about every 7-10 days or so with a diluted orchid liquid fertilizer in a bucket. E-

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