Cap’s Place

Entering Cap's Place

Ft. Lauderdale is often thought of as a place with great beaches and yachts meandering the waterways in sunny South Florida however there is more there than just fun and sun. After a great day playing at the beach or enjoying a water taxi or two, a visit to a piece of history may be in order. Cap’s Place is a spot in history (especially since it is now designated as a historical place) This was a restaurant recommended to us as a nostalgic place showcasing a pieces of history and great food. We were not disappointed!

The Setting Sun Behind Us

Our evening (Karen and myself – that’s right, a night out without the kids) began with a short drive to Lighthouse Point where we pulled into a parking lot with a few other cars  and only houses around. There’s a dock which we walked onto and waited a few minutes enjoying the scenery all the while quietly wondering if we were at the right place. A boat pulls up to the dock and announces Cap’s Place. We stepped onto the boat, found our seats, and the boat began heading towards the restaurant. We were the only ones on this trip so a short private boat ride it was. During the 5 minute trip or so the captain explains some of the history of Cap’s Place. First off, it gets its name from the founder Captain Knight. He created a place for gambling and drinking when this was illegal. Cap brought rum in from the Bahamas and had slots along with card games to be enjoyed by its patrons. In order to keep these activities hidden, shades were used on the windows.

An Evening Out For Just the Two of Us

Our boat arrived as the sun was setting to our backs and it was on to the restaurant. There are tow buildings so it took a few moments to figure out which way we wanted to go. One houses a bar and the other is the restaurant. Finding our way into the correct building we were seating and the next portion of this historic but functioning place began. Our waitress explained that the food is still prepared as it was almost a century ago and that Cap’s Place is currently owned by his children who work hard to maintain its authenticity. Part of that authenticity involves the tables, chairs, and floor. The floor creaks as each person passes over it and the tables and chairs are cozy. Looking over the menu highlights many of the seafood entrees available. Many prepared with unique sauces of one kind or another. I had fish broiled and served with an amazing salsa created from a nice blend of peppers, pineapple, and spices. What a great compliment to the fish.

The Receiving Dock at Cap's Place

While enjoying this wonderful meal we had the privilege of witnessing the sky turn from various shades of red, pink, and purples to the darkness of night. After finishing our dinner, irresistible deserts where offered. How could we possible resist desert after that fantastic meal. Neither of us were hungry but the curiosity of the taste of their deserts prompted us to order more. We were not disappointed however after only a few bites we had to stop. I would love to tell you what we sampled but I have since forgotten – sorry. We did take the rest with us and enjoyed it a second time while driving to Key West the following day. As we were leaving this great place in history, we took some time to look at all of the memorabilia hanging on the walls teaching us of a time long before and realizing many well known people have enjoyed a meal here as well.

Currencies From a Time Past

The night was going quickly and we wanted to return to our hotel and prepare for our next journey out to the keys the next morning. Otherwise, we could have meandered into the bar and continue to enjoy and learn more about this place and a time many years before us. Cap’s Place is not suited to everyone but if you are interested in stepping back in history with great food it is something you will not likely forget.